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What is Change Your Algorithm?

Change Your Algorithm is a program about personal growth and community-wide empowerment for its members. This is accomplished by reprogramming negative beliefs that have held us back from living our full potential. CYA teaches its community that the mind consists of 2 parts: The Conscious Mind (10% of brainpower) and the Subconscious Mind (90% of brainpower). CYA encourages its community to shift the negative self-beliefs in the subconscious through holistic and traditional techniques such as meditation, journaling, practicing gratitude, self-forgiveness, creating healthy boundaries, and raising our self-esteem. It is through the consistent utilization of these practices and the support of a community of peers that we can start to develop self-esteem and live a life of purpose. 

Our Free Services

Change Your Algorithm offers weekly mental health classes that are 100% free of cost. These classes are led by hand-selected therapists/guest speakers and are open to anyone that wants to improve their mental health. Whether you are in recovery from addiction or want to live a more positive life, there is a class designed for you. Each class includes daily topics that dive into an issue, allow for Q&A opportunities, and usually include meditation. This structure allows for open, welcoming, and safe spaces for people to learn and grow no matter who they are or where they come from. 

Proudly Partnered with CHEGG & Ameriprise

In recent studies, over 50% of college students have reported not receiving enough mental health support, yet many of them are afraid of what their peers may think of them if they do seek help. CYA is here to break the mental health stigma, and they have partnered with eduction technology company Chegg to help students get the mental health help they deserve.

The American workforce is struggling. Millions of employees are affected by stress, anxiety, and depression; and the numbers are growing. To combat this trend, CYA has partnered with financial advisory company Ameriprise to create a lasting change in the mental health of their employees and the culture of companies.

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A Word from CYA Founder, Joel Relampagos

“After battling with years of severe depression, anxiety, and alcohol addiction, I was able to overcome them all thanks to wonderful therapists. The truth is we are all in a mental health crisis and there are 30 million Americans who are unemployed.I created this program, so we have solutions to our problems and at no cost. That’s why our 1-hour mental wellness classes are all free. I want people to experience the life-changing transformation that I have.It is 100% possible for you. Get ready to Change Your Algorithm.”

– Joel Relampagos

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