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Meet Your Trainer

Davey Fisher

CYA is proud to announce our partnership with trainer Davey Fisher. Davey has an established training practice in Los Angeles, California, and has trained all types of clients, from NFL prospects to celebrities. Davey believes that the mind-body connection is crucial to building healthy lifestyles and in this program, he will share crucial tips so that you can improve your body and mind each day. 

Workout Videos

Workout With 3 Moves

Here’s a workout that involves a Plank (30 seconds), Reverse Lunge (20 seconds) and Push-ups (10 seconds). Knowing basic moves can give you a tough workout!

Davey’s 10 Minute Burner

Check out this quick burner by CYA Trainer Davey Fisher! It can be done anywhere whether you’re at home or at the beach!

6 Rounds of Continuous Movement

Each round consists of just 2 moves: mountain climbers + burpees. If you think this is going to be easy, think again because the key here is to be continuous with your movement. Give this workout a shot!

Tabata Workout

‘Change Your Algorithm’ isn’t just here to help you take care of your mind. We’re looking out for your physical wellness as well. Trainer Davey Fisher is joining the CYA team to lead our fitness program and he’s looking forward to help you with your mind and body.

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